Hilbright Science College

Hilbright Science College is a private school (with its main campus based in Harare) that aims to establish unique science education and research colleges throughout Zimbabwe, the SADC region, and Africa. It has made magnificent strides of success and excellence over the years. The college has brought a new wave of honesty, transparency, and hard work into the modern colleges, through academic excellence and great emphasis on spiritual morality.

Hilbright approached me to give their ageing school brand a facelift. This included redesigning the school website, and rebranding their graphics, stationery, and social media platforms.

Hilbright Science College
Services Rendered
Branding, Web Design, Social Media
Date Completed
October 2017
Color Palette
Tools Used
  • Adobe CC (Photoshop, illustrator)
  • Brackets
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript
  • WordPress

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